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Double is the consultant agency for experts with passion for business, tech, design and marketing. We help our clients overcome their biggest challenges and reach their business goals by connecting them with industry leaders, growth teams and dedicated specialists. 

Are your ready to accelerate?

We gather digital experts from all over the world.

Are you the person that other people see as an expert, but personally feels that you have just started? 

If so, you're probably the one we're looking to invite to our fast growing community for digital experts.

We have already 100+ members from all around the world, many of them with experience from some of the fastest growing companies on earth. Our member's have one thing in common - they look for personal and professional exchange with like-minded human beings and wants to be matched with projects where their experience, skills and passion can be fully used.

If you're building an inhouse team and are in need of experts to accelerate - you're on the right place. We have members with great experience and skills within marketing, design and development, ready to join your forces. We have members available both as consultants and for recruitment.


Some words from our members.

"As a freelancer, it's easy to get a bit isolated. Double gives me a forum to discuss trends and get new influences from people within my expertise and other areas in marketing. Truly valuable and fun!"


Datadriven marketeer, Gothenburg

"Double helps me getting projects from many interesting industries. To work with Double is great for any individuals that wants to own their own time - when to work, where to work and how to work."


Datadriven marketeer,

"I'm really happy to collaborate with the driven and engaged team on Double. Via Double I've been matched with really exciting clients where I'm able to contribute with all my skills and make a huge difference for the clients I'm working with."


Content Marketing Specialist

To match the right person with the right client is an art.

Step 1: We analyse your needs

We get to know each other and go through your current situation and needs. In order to find the best match possible, we want to challenge your ideas and thoughts. Our focus is to get a deep understanding of your business - in order to match you with the right candidates.

Step 2: We present candidates

We look in our network for the best match based on your needs. We're looking for experts with great and relevant experience and skills, and they should also be passionated about your kind of business. We present them to you and give you time to get to know them.

Step 3: Time to accelerate

For us, the on-boarding process is of great importance in order to get the expert to deliver great results immediately. Our community will work as a great support for our expert and we will continuously follow up how the work is going.

Behind the scenes.

Get to know our team

"I'm passioned about helping human beings to find their entrepreneurial selfs, and to create communities that connects like-minded people with each other. Marketing is for me something that with the right methods can express a brands true identity and purpose - in order to create a sense of belonging in massive scale."

Nice to know: A wife from Afghanistan, three marathons in his backpack and a never ending seeking of the meaning of life. It's impossible not to find something to discuss with Fredrik
"A serial entrepreneur with a tremendous passion to build a better future. To simplify a kompex world is just the beginning of the journey and the possibilites on what we can achieve. That's why my mindset is always focused on the bricks that takes us toward the right directions towards a better world."

Nice to know: Built one of the first and biggest affiliate networks in Sweden. Dejan is also the owner of one of the biggest solar cell plants in western Sweden and a person who seeks challenges in whatever he gets into.
"With many years on marketing departments I know quite a lot about the life as a marketeer. Now I'm on a journey to inspire more marketeers to take steps towards a life with more freedom, where they can own their reality and achieve greater things, both in their personal life and worklife.

Nice to know: Having participated in several swimruns, skiruns and running competitions Maria is a person always looking to challenge herself in order to find out what she's really capable of.
"My passion is both to realise business ideas that makes a positive impact on the planet and also to help entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth. Business development and matchmaking are my tools. To create a happier human kind is my religion."

Nice to know: Scandinavian champion in Martial Arts, Crossfit athlete and a former client of Double. And by the way - instead of taking summer vacation, Patrik focuses to help youth's to become entrepreneurs.

Are you ready to take the first step in our relationship?

Meet Maria, Community Manager

It's me you will have most contact with if we match you with clients. As a Community Manager, I also work to create local meet-ups all around the world and to create a vibrant digital community that connects experts all over the world.

I truly love to help people to grow in their professional life. In the past, I have been working with communications and customer care.

See you soon!

/ Maria

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